Free gardening workshops at the farm

Our popular free “Good Gardening Workshop” series is back with three workshops to help you have a great garden this year. Regardless of whether you are new to gardening or an experienced gardener, you will have fun learning from John, Kyle and Wes at the following workshops:

Saturday, April 1, from 10 am
Good Gardening Workshop: “Tips for a Healthy and Productive Garden”
Get ready for a new year of gardening by joining John for an important session on what to do – and not to do – to have a healthy and productive garden this year.

In addition to recommendations for those of you with traditional gardens, John will be discussing soil health and nutrient needs for those of you looking to maximize harvests from smaller gardens using succession planting and container gardens.

While it is not required to attend this workshop before attending our “Succession Planting and Foodscaping” workshop, we do recommend it as the health of your soil will directly affect the health of your plants and your harvests.

This is a free workshop. No pre-registration is necessary.

Saturday, April 22 at 10 am
Good Gardening Workshop: “Succession Planting and Foodscaping”
Join John for an information filled session on how to produce more food from your garden and yard. He will be discussing techniques for succession planting enabling you to harvest more vegetables from your garden.

While this is great information for anyone it will be very useful for those of you with small gardens, those of you downsizing your garden, and for growing your own food in containers on patios, decks, and in window boxes.

He will also share ideas on foodscaping or edible landscaping enabling you to integrate food producing plants into the landscape around your home.

This is a free workshop. No pre-registration is necessary.

Saturday, May 6, at 10 am
Good Gardening Workshop: “Planting Techniques for Better Harvests”
Follow Kyle and Wes into our fields, tomato house, and hoop houses for an information packed session on transplanting, plant spacing, trellising, mulching, and much more. You will also have the opportunity to see some of the tools and equipment we use.

Bring your boots and wear mud friendly clothing because it is sure to be mud season!

This is a free workshop. No pre-registration is necessary.

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